"After reading your kit, I became aware of facts that I was never sure about. It's about time someone tells people what they are entitled to in traffic court!"

Let the kit work for you and order one now!

Welcome to i Traffic Ticket. Here, you will learn how to efficiently and legally resolve the issues that surround traffic tickets. This site offers FREE tips and valuable information on how to choose the best possible course of action and handle those traffic tickets each and every time! The facts and fundamentals you are about to learn could save you unnecessary legal fees while providing you with confidence and peace of mind. We provide downloadable kits that teach you your rights while giving you confidence to argue them when necessary. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim!

Did you know that every time you are found guilty of a traffic violation, your insurance company rubs its hands in glee! It is estimated that over a 3 year period, one ticket generates $1,000 in insurance surcharges that you (the guilty party) have to pay. It is estimated that over 100,000 tickets are handed out each day. You can easily do the math and see who the real winner is if you meekly plead guilty and pay the fine.

So don't let those traffic tickets get you down. Let us help you become an expert on your rights!

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